*** Great News ***

  • NHLBI has given approval for distribution of specimens to Any Qualifying Investigator through December, 2015.
  • We have recently completed a new Advanced Statistical Analysis Tool. You can also go to News to read more about the tool.

Welcome to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute-sponsored Lung Tissue Research Consortium (LTRC) Web Page. This site is designed to assist individuals in understanding the overall organizational structure, mechanism of study, and research goals of the LTRC. The consortium consists of four Clinical Sites, two Core Laboratories, and one Data Coordinating Center.

To enable the quick testing of early stage concepts, an Express Tissue Application and Express CT Scan Application is available. Complete and submit the tissue or CT form attached to apply for a small sample of tissues that can be used to perform preliminary testing. A de-identified limited dataset will be provided with the tissues. Click to view the list of variables included.

For more complex concepts requiring a larger sample size, or a specific patient population, the Standard Application should be used. View a complete list of the LTRC study forms. Refer to form 62 for a list at final clinical diagnosis, and form 60 for final pathological diagnosis.

Gene expression data can be requested for selected subjects from the LTRC study via Express or Standard Application. Gene expression data can also be requested without any tissue specimens via an Express Gene Data Application. Complete and submit the gene express application form to the LTRC study to apply for the data. Click to see a complete list of genes for the LTRC tissue specimens.

Click for details on the HOPE preservative method. Also, a limited number of HOPE fixed broncho-vascular bundles is available for distribution. Please contact us for details.

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